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2017 Studio Tour Artists

Dave Lawson • Studio 1 • Photographer
Presenting images that can enthrall the viewer, puzzle the inquisitive, inspire the intrepid, or just please the soul.
Tammy Warren • Studio 1 • Jewellery Artist
I love the versatility of working with sterling silver, on its’ own or with semi-precious stones, crystals or pearls. I am constantly exploring design possibilities incorporating organic shapes and movement into my creations.
tammyw tammyw tammyw tammyw tammyw
Casandra Ward • Studio 1 • Fine Artist
The process of layering acrylic, mylar, bronze, watercolour, and pen strikes me as magical and is the essence of my work.
casandra casandra casandra casandra casandra
Teresa Thompson • Studio 1 • Fine Artist / Photographer
Realism Artist and Fine Art Photographer
teresat teresat teresat teresat teresat
Anne More • Studio 2 • Fine Artist
Mixing clear and vibrant opal coloured glass brings mystery to each piece as you discover something new every time you look into its depths.
anne anne anne anne anne
Marilyn Walsh • Studio 2 • Sculptor
I use a wide range of materials to best express what I want to portray. I love being able to make something out of nothing and to bring images to life. With each piece I hope to evoke a different aspect of our human experience.
Joe Speck • Studio 2 • Glass Artist
I love cutting glass and rearranging the pieces and colours into attractive works of art.
Margaret Scobie • Studio 2 • Pastel Artist
My first Pastel teacher touched a pastel to paper and created magic; magic that I still experience using the many luscious pastel colours available.
Tamara Kwapitch • Studio 3 • Fine Artist
There is magic in the world around us. I try to share my experience of this wonder full world through painting. Line and colour, moments and emotion help me tell our stories.
tamara tamara tamara tamara tamara
Cathy Disbrow • Studio 3 • Fibre Artist
Cathy has always been drawn to nature and loves animals which made needle felting an obvious choice to express her artistic visions. Needle felting is the art of meticulously stabbing wool thousands of times with a barbed needle until a desired shape is created.
Pam Fedorchuk • Studio 4 • Jewellery Artist
My talismans are about a connection to our planet...the spirit within the earth, a link to the timeless reality of the elements: earth, air, fire and water.
pam pam pam pam pam
Tzvia Devor • Studio 4 • Mixed Media
Talismans for the home inspired by Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian antiquities.
tzvia tzvia tzvia tzvia tzvia
Studio 3 • Studio 5 • Photographers
Fred Oliver, Glen Jones and Marino Battigelli
Helen Griffiths • Studio 6 • Fine Artist
Seeing that perfect moment, when light is falling across a setting, showing off life’s patterns, reflections, colours and textures, stirring the emotions, creating a memory.
Life is full of these moments. There is an endless array of moments to paint and I am inspired with every corner I turn.
helen helen helen helen helen
Gordana Grusecki • Studio 6 • Fibre Artist
Nuno / wet felting scarves - the process of felting wool roving and/or wool yarns onto a sheer fabric such as silk gauze. Other types of fiber that will felt other than sheep's wool are: camel, llama, alpaca, Mohair goat, Cashmere goat…
gordana gordana gordana gordana gordana

Linda VanWyk • Studio 6 • Mixed Media
A contemporary mixed media artist working in various media with collage as the central, recurring element.

linda linda linda linda linda
Edward Robin Hoyer • Studio 7 • Fine Artist
Edward’s work reflects his passion for life and communicates a real, more positive, peaceful, just and balanced era for mankind. Applying his signature, universal style, he has successfully extended his techniques to produce images that are distinctively refreshing.
ed ed ed ed ed
George Wilkinson • Studio 8 • Wood Turner
I strive to make my hand-crafted woodturnings speak to and for the people who buy them; when you need to let someone know just how much you care, my work can speak volumes.
george george george george george
Alison Sawtsky • Studio 8 • Print Maker
My one-of-a-kind prints are inspired by colour, line, shape and texture. With works ranging from representational to the purely abstract, I delight in exploring the versatility of print making and engaging the viewer’s imagination.
Don Graves • Studio 8 • Fine Artist
Music, theatre and painting are related by colour, texture, energy and story-telling. These medium become alive under an artist’s touch, generated by free-flowing energy. These feelings become the cornerstone of my work. The brush becomes my baton, the canvas – my set and the voices — my colours.
graves graves graves graves graves
Teresa Seaton • Studio 9 • Stained Glass Artist
Teresa’s uniquely sculptural fine art stained glass is an artistic trademark featuring multi layers of glass panels with spun wire.
teresas teresas teresas teresas teresas
Cheryl Goldring • Studio 9 • Fine Artist
Art, to me, is a confluence of images, media and interpretation. How I transform these elements to reflect the natural world is the driving force behind the art I create.
cheryl cheryl cheryl cheryl cheryl
Ian Cowling • Studio 9 • Photographer
I create photographs that embrace my perceptions and then print them on the finest archival materials.
Kathy and Silvana Designs • Studio 9 • Jewellery Artists
Unique one of a kind jewelry that stands out and makes a statement, created from a variety of media.